Fringe benefits
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Only hard work can be done well, hard work can bring opportunities, and efforts must be rewarded.

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Diversified comprehensive incentive system
In order to encourage employees to grow and become talents, the company invests a lot of money for employee rewards every year, which greatly improves the enthusiasm of employees.
Scientific and Technological Innovation Award
Goal over Achievement Award
Million annual salary for special talents
Special family leave for overseas talents
High end talents solve family work
Special incentives for housing
Comprehensive incentive system
  • 01.Scientific and Technological Innovation Award
  • 02.Goal over Achievement Award
  • 03.Special incentives for housing
  • 04.High end talents solve family work
  • Broadband salary system
    The salary shall be determined according to the professional and technical ability, graduation college, educational background, major, English level, achievement and other dimensions. Those with technical experience can be interviewed.
  • Improve the promotion platform
    Provide on-the-job training, career planning and on-the-job training to build a good platform for employees' promotion.
  • Free accommodation benefits
    Provide staff apartments free of charge, with heating in winter and air conditioning in summer; The married master is assigned housing free of charge.
  • Diversified affordable catering
    The company has four restaurants that provide employees with three affordable meals in the morning, middle and evening.
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